About Us

We are Frances and Abel, a recently engaged 30-something couple making an honest effort to find our way to healthier eating.  The transition has not been easy in terms of making time and new adjustments in life, but the benefits make the dedication and hard work well worth the efforts so far.

Originally intended as a 30 day blog, "Diminishing Doll & Co" started as a means to document what happens as Abel and I follow the eating strategy created by Cynthia Sass in her book entitled:  SASS Yourself Slim.

Though neither of us are affiliated with Cynthia nor the publishers of the book, I do accredit this blog and the start of this blog to her.  Prior to this I was on my own weight loss journey and found much success in 2011 after I lost 70 pounds through my own definition of "moderate eating".  Sadly, by March of 2012 I was losing a grip on whatever it was I had and my former binge habits were resurfacing and I was quickly heading back into the land of morbid obesity.

What her book did was it shed a path of lights to the journey I should have been on all along.  The journey that started with my acceptance that I had no clue as to what healthy eating was and the realization that I needed to stop and ask for "directions".  The premise of her strategy is quite simple.  Incorporating five puzzle pieces to each meal:  Produce, proteins, whole grains, healthy fats and an array of sesasonings for the flavor bursts.

Though there is much debate over the controversy of whole grains, carbs and types of fats that are or are not "healthy" in todays world, my knowledge of health wasn't even on the radar and I had to start somewhere.

After completing the 30 day test run, Abel and I found ourselves wanting to continue this eating strategy as our waistlines were decreasing and our energy levels and zeal for life were increasing.

Five months later (September 2012) we are still here documenting the changes and embracing the concept of a healthy life.  We are finding a new love in food, certainly in terms of how amazing the food tastes but more importantly in what it is doing for us as a whole.

We may not be perfect as we are still in the learning and early stages but in time we are hoping to continue making progress and plan on expanding this blog to focus on recipes we enjoy as well as a more detailed glimpse into personal stories as individuals.  For now we'd like to thank everyone for stopping by and showing your support!!  In time, we hope to inspire others in finding their proper path to "healthy" as well!!