Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 1 Overview

Here's the breakdown of Day 1:

  • 9a.m. Breakfast Scramble with berries and almonds.  Drinks included Coffee and Water
  • 2pm-6pm*  Yogurt Parfait with almonds Drink: Water
  • 7p.m Spinach Salad with berries, a hard boiled egg, and almonds Drink: Green Tea + Water
  • 9:30p.m.  Berry Smoothie with Almond Butter

Overall Review:  VERY Surprised at just how satisfied I was throughout the day.

*You'll note that it took 4 hours for me to eat my yogurt parfait and that was because of my work schedule.  Its smack dab in the middle of the day and I can only get a few bites in here and there as I do my job. (For those who may not be aware I work in a bakery as the mixer/baker).  More often than not I'm more concerned with overmixing ingredients than stopping entirely to take a long enough break to eat my food.

This is my only concern at times because depending on how busy it gets,  there are times where I wouldn't even have a chance to get my food from the refrigerator let alone eat it.   Those are the worst days because by the end of it all I'm exhuasted and starving.   Lucky for me today wasn't so bad though by 6p.m my stomach was slightly crying out to me.

For Dinner, the Spinach Salad was very tasty.    TheFiance and I always have spinach on hand but its generally the frozen  kind that we toss into dinner recipes.  Upon our preparations for these 5 days, we decided we would continue to use the frozen kind for the morning scramble and fresh spinach for our dinner salad.  We topped the salad off with two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, a tablespoon of tangerine juice and the berries and almonds.    We were both happy with the outcome.

Not too surprising that I enjoyed the yogurt parfait.  Although the yogurt does seem more bitter than my liking, I think the fact that we use the berry medley helps immensely. Its delicious and I make sure to use the greek yogurt for the parfait as the additional protein will help keep us fuller longer :)

As for the late night smoothie.  I was a little hesitant on how it would taste but I was once again worried about nothing.   I'm all about texture when it comes to food so the grittiness of the smoothie was great.  Since it was already late night I decided to go ahead and use the plain yogurt as opposed to the greek yogurt.

Prior to doing this little experiment I was not in possession of a blender of any sort.  For months I've been talking about getting a Magic Bullet but with so many mixed reviews I opted instead for this single serve blender from Target:

They have great reviews and it got the job done nicely.   Of course in my smoothie making inexperience I made the rookie mistake of trying to take the "cup" off the base without the lid.  Because of the size of the base, my hand was wrapped around it and my thumb hit the blend button.  Needless to say, my kitchen was bombarded with about 1/6th of my smoothie.  Fail Whale for me :(

An hour after the smoothie I did feel a hunger sensation but I'm not quite sure if it was actual hunger or if it was from the fact that I was on the phone with my mother who was talking about all the food she made for her family while she was in Mexico the past few weeks.  Of course being MEXICO, they already know great mexican food so when my mother comes over they always ask her to make meatloaf and apple pie.

Mmmm.. apple pie :0)

Overall the day surprised us.  At the end of the day, TheFiance and I both agreed that neither one of us felt like were deprived nor starving during the day. Thats a win in my book :0)

.. of course I must keep in mind.  This was but day one.

4 more to go :)