Monday, March 26, 2012

It begins!

Here we are... Day One of the program.

I'll give the full report tomorow, today was just a few things I wanted to mention about the plan we are doing these 5 days.

Once TheFiance decided to jump on board with this it meant going back to the grocery store to double up on a few things.   I had initially bought the 2% plain greek yogurt as opposed to plain regular yogurt because I figured the extra protein might satiate me longer.  (I'm skeptical that these foods will NOT keep me feeling full throughout the day so every little bit will help)

Sadly I didn't have it in my expenses to pay for another full tub of greek yogurt so we went with the plain yogurt from Aldi instead.  I figured if nothing else, I can actually report if I feel a difference eating the regular yogurt as opposed to the greek yogurt.  

I also gasped at the prices of both fresh and frozen raspberries.   After doing some comparison shopping and checking some options I opted for a frozen Berry Medley, containing blackberries, blueberries and raspberries:

Thats 48 ounces of berries there!  I'm pretty sure after this week I'll have eaten more berries than I ever have in my entire life.    I'm not sure why but the only berries I ever tend to buy are strawberries, so believe me, I'm not exaggerating on that one :0)

As for drinks, well up until my recent 6 month weightloss detour the only thing I was drinking for months on end was water, so ditching drinks wasn't a problem for me.  TheFiance on the other hand, I was pretty sure he was going to sulk about not getting all of his coffee everyday.

(In this phase you are alotted one cup of coffee per day.  And because we use vanilla soymilk in our coffee, it is recommended we do not add sugar to it.)

Once in a while I get awful sinus headaches which can only be soothed with black coffee, so I'm no stranger to drinking it sans sugar.  Doesn't mean I like it but I think I'm going to give it a try and see if I can get my taste buds to grow accustom to coffee sans sugar.

Sass also strongly urges one to purchase organic eggs over conventional options.  No organic eggs here,  although eggs aren't extremely high priced items, its certainly easy on the wallet to buy them from Aldi for a fraction of the cost.

I think the fact that TheFiance is doing this with me, rather than feeling whiny or dreadful of this experience, I'm ... dare I say it... a little excited.   I'm not expecting a huge loss in these 5 days because in my warped little mind I feel like my body is used to losing weight over the past few months  but considering the fact that I've gained quite a bit back in such a short amount of time I'm crossing my fingers to be blown away.

A girl can dream ;0)