Saturday, March 24, 2012

Embarking on something new.

30 days of blogging on this site begins today.

The goal of this blog is to journal my weight loss experience with the following book:

For anyone  interested but unfamiliar with the book as well as the author, I highly recommend checking out the description and reviews on SASS Yourself Slim .  I will be writing my own review in a few weeks after I finish reading it and after I follow along and implement it into my life.  Considering the fact that I'm only just now halfway through it, a review of any sort would be premature.

According to the book, by following this plan for a month, you will:
  • Know which healthy foods promote rapid weight loss (the answers may surprise you!) 
  • Enjoy dozens of delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes that help you reach your weight-loss goal
  • Better understand, and control, the emotional triggers that often lead to overeating
  • Sleep better and enjoy more energy
  • Shed the stubborn inches and pounds you'd all but given up 
I'll go into a few more details as the days go by.   Folllowing this sort of book/plan is highly unorthodox for me but I am doing it because:

  1. I need to lose 40-50 pounds to get into the higher bracket of my "ideal weight" range.
  2. Between June 2011 and February 2012 I've lost 70 pounds on my own but have in the last two months steadily regained some of the weight back.   
Even after having the "success" of losing so much weight, I have realized that I have a lot to learn about the proper way to eat.   Though I have learned how to better my relationship with food on my own, it still isn't enough.  I'm not an expert and have been far too stubborn to think I need any help from anyone telling me what I need for my own body. 

Foolish little fat girl.   But with no funds to seek out consistent help from a nutritionist of my very own, I am in need of something else.   And just as this ephiphany was hitting me, I was offered a helping hand in the form of this book and you all get to see my experience first hand.

Are you ready for this?   Cuz I'm about to smother the stubborn fat brat inside of me and jump in head first!