Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 4 Overview

Heres the breakdown of Day 4.:

  • 9 a.m Breakfast Scramble. +Coffee (saved the berries and almonds to be eaten later)
  • 11a.m.  frozen berries with almonds + Water
  • 2 p.m-5p.m  Yogurt Parfait .Eaten while at work in small intervals due to my job  +Water
  • 8 p.m. Spinach Salad w/Berries, Almonds and a hard boiled Egg + Water
  • 10:40 p.m.  Berry Smoothie with Almond Butter 
Overall Day 4 Review:   Still enjoying the scramble VERY much every morning and the smoothie at night.  I  still can't say i'm "sick" of eating the same things which is definitely awesome and my hunger pangs today haven't been as strong as the last two days.    Yay.

What I have noticed is that on my busiest days this week my dinner salad only held me over for about an hour before I felt hungry again.  On those days, it helps to know that a few hours away the smoothie awaits.

I jokingly asked TheFiance yesterday if he thinks he had it in him to do this for another set of five days.  His response was that he COULD but he'd rather not.   Interesting as I was sort of expecting a great big "HELL NO"...    he even took it a step further and suggested we start every month with this 5 day fast forward to cleanse us out consistently.

umm...  wha??
Gotta say, I wasn't expecting that one!  Even though he's been talking about his desire for a cookie the past few days  he's enjoying the way this eating has been making him feel.   One point in favor of the book... so far.

I should also mention that TheFiance has been taking in an extra hard boiled egg some days.  I know it was suggested to do so in the book if you found yourself far too hungry in your day but I can't seem to find exactly where that page went in the book.

Day 5 is upon us and we weigh in Saturday morning to see the results. This could prove very interesting.  I meant to ask TheFiance if he's ever gone on a weightloss program of any kind in his life but I keep forgetting. I know he's talked about joining a gym or taking up boxing classes in the past but he's never really made a mention of weight loss.   I always get curious about the male point of view.

As for the next few days to come, I'm thinking this Peach and Pecan French Toast may be the winner for our Saturday morning breakfast.  We'll be reviewing some of the recipes in her book as well as scouting the internet for other swaps and suggestions from Ms Sass to plan out our weeks menu.

Thats right... I said it.  PLANNING.   Who knew I had it in me?  :-O

Anyone want to take bets on whether or not I will actually stay on this program for 30 full days?  Currently I'm still in the "high" stage of something shiny and new...  i'm infamous for dropping the ball on things and never caring enough to pick them back up.

Time will tell though!  Time will tell :0)