Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tofu: Round two

Last week Abel and I had the luxury of spending a day off together and decided to give tofu another go.  The tofu scramble we had was a success, so we were pretty optimistic.  

The result of our faux "BLT" looked a little something like this: 

It got a little charred as I probably kept it on the pan too long on one side but quite frankly I found an awesomeness in the charred bits -- mmmm char.

The instructions I used can be found here -- the link should direct you straight to the BLT segment.  As much as I love my cookbooks I always sigh a tiny bit of relief when I know I can actually watch someone go through the process and see how its done. 

This time we made sure we got the right tofu (as opposed to my silken oopsie the week prior).  

Extra Firm but NOT silken extra-firm. Yay!
And if you watch the youtube video I linked to, it made no reference to whether or not that particular tofu she was using was pressed prior to cooking.   

Me, I went ahead and pressed ours and let it sit for a few hours.  I'm not exactly sure how long it needs to be pressed but right after breakfast I set up my tofu pressing items:

(Quite elaborate, I know)
I'm quite certain one book would have been sufficient but I wanted to show that tofu who was boss.  It sat for about 4 hours until our tummies began to whimper with a longing for lunch. 

After pressing it was definitely quite dense.   I cut them as thinly as I could with our sad little knife and into the pan they went. I was a bit worried they weren't quite thin enough but in the end it all worked out just fine. 

The video calls for ten minutes prior to flipping but time escaped me by a few minutes and mine got a little more crisp.  Once flipped, they sat for another 4 minutes and then in went the soy sauce, the nutritional yeast (which I am officially in love with) and liquid smoke. 

Extra charred (oops).   

While I was prepping the main component of the dish, Abel was busy chopping up some sun dried tomato to add to our avocado mash and prepping some kale to pop into the oven. 

End result:

Two thumbs up from each of us. 

The only modifications we would make for this next time would be to cut down on the soy sauce a bit. The strips were a little too salty for us -- oh and a nice crusty ciabatta bread would be absolute heaven.  

Regardless, the slimwiches did the job nicely and after all was said and done (and eaten), our tummies were quite satisfied and our tastebuds rejoiced.  

Tofu scramble: Check!
Tofu BLT: Check!

It's safe to say that our tofu hesitation is slowly turning into an exciting adventure.  Next round of trials will be at the end of the week: 

Friday: A Vegetable Saute w/Pasta in a Mock Cream Sauce (using silken tofu)
Saturday: Pineapple Baked Coconut Tofu adapted from K's Veg Recipe

Even though our month is just about over, I'll continue to write up the experience during the next few weeks and follow up with any after thoughts.  We both plan on staying primarily plant based as the year continues (I say primarily because there will be some exceptions I will get into in another post).  

Hope everyone is having a great week!!