Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kindle and low carb reading

That my friends, is what my kindle presently looks like. Some of these books were between $2-$5 while others were a tad bit costlier.   There are a few more you can't see in the photo that were 99 cent books but I have yet to really give them more than a cursory glance.  I've gone a little overboard here but its like a little addiction.

If I had to choose right now my top choice (at the moment) it would be Quick Fix Vegan.  Only because its the only one whos recipes have yet to disappoint.  Granted we've only made 3 of them but considering there are other books that have yet to make an impression on us (I'm looking at you Chloes Kitchen), Quick Fix Vegan has thus far been on top.

I'll leave the indepth reviews for the future when we've had more time to trial run recipes.  I will say though, I'm surprised at just how much a lot of these recipes are simple plug ins for the SASS Yourself Slim plan.   It helps make me feel like we're definitely on the right track with good nutritional standards.

Not to say that I think vegans are the epitome of nutritional standards.  I'm far too uneducated and inexperienced on that lifestyle to make such a statement, rather just that all of these books center on eating healthy -- and the fact that they are easily adapted to the 5-piece puzzle reinforces my belief that I'm doing well for my body's needs.

The only downside?... Well, since incorporating some of these vegetarian and vegan meals I believe its thrown my body for a bit of a loop and has caused a minor constipation issue.

Apparently its just me though... I'm pretty convinced that nothing can ever stop Abels digestive system from running smoothly as none of the changes have caused even a hiccup on his system.  The man is a machine.. a well lubed machine.  (hah)

At any rate, it lasted for the entirety of about a week and now things seem to have gone back to normal which Im thankful for.  Perhaps I chose one too many bean centered dishes last week or something, who knows (?)

Also included in the list of books, you may notice the one entitled: The Low Carb Revolution.  I decided to read this book as last month, Cynthia Sass, the author of SASS Yourself Slim (the book we are following) was slammed by the low carb community for writing an article about why low carb diets should get the boot.

Though I feel a lot of the slamming was incredibly rude and childish, I stopped to wonder just how so many people stood behind the low carb diet lifestyle.   There had to be something there if it has worked wonders for so many people, right?

So let the research commence.  Thus far I've only read a few blogs, online articles and am halfway through reading The Low Carb Revolution and though I am quite fascinated by some of the information, the book itself has proven a bit of a tough read for me.  At least the first half anyway.   Could be the way the author has written it, or it could just be that my love for carbs is simply not even wanting to read it.  It has a lot of great reviews for those who may be interested.

As I mentioned in my other blog, it has on more than one occasion literally put me to sleep.  Its a shame really because the author seems very animated and fun.  I blame my carb loving body for knocking me to sleep in fear perhaps, that I may abandon them.

Regardless, I would like to continue on my research just to see what all the commotion is about.  The chances of me living low carb?  About 1 in 50.

Never say never... but trying to pry bread out of my hands will more than likely get me accused of being a cannibal after I bite at your hand for even touching my love.

But hey thats just me.

For now I'll continue on my quest for information as long as everyone else will keep their hands off my carbs.  Judgements are fine, hands -- not so much.  Its just for the best ;0)

What I feel its all going to boil down to is the same as always:  To each their own.   No shame in our games as long as the quest for proper nutrition stays active within us.

In case anyone is wondering, tonights dinner menu will be featuring: Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza.  I have high hopes for this one... high hopes indeed!   I should point out that blog there belongs to the author of Quick Fix Vegan so Im confident this will be pretty damn good!