Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weigh in Results from July Progress

I'm done asking where these months keep running off to.  

I think the last time I felt like I was caught up on much of anything was back in February.   From there things have been a huge blur and I have to face the facts that I simply need to enjoy the ride and stop trying to keep up on every last thing.  

July results are in.  Abel lost 3 pounds and I lost 2.  

Not exactly our best month but you won't hear us complaining.  

We're still following the SASS eating strategy though there have been a few tweaks made (mainly just cutting the grain from my snack meal) but aside from that this way of eating is becoming second nature to us.  Even with "events" such as the 4th of July, Abels birthday and his coworkers hawaiian luau party last month we were able to keep things in moderation, enjoy some great food, baked goods and still come out on top.  

Sunday afternoon as we were planning our menu for the first week of August I suggested we try to go meatless for the entire month.   Looking back on my suggestion now I almost wish I hadn't blurted it out so enthusiastically because sometimes I forgot how keen Abel is for trying new things.   

(Plus in past years he's given up meat for Lent so the idea isnt entirely new to him)

Me, I've never given up meat for more than a week...

...but it was too late.  He was on board, agreed and so we're doing it.    I'm relying on that same enthusiasm to stay with me all month because if I start having meat withdrawal symptoms and foaming at the mouth it will be nobodys fault but my own. 

Eggs and one fish dinner a week will stay in our rotation this month but the rest will be entirely vegetarian.  Our cupboards will surely be stocked with beans this month and I'll be looking into recipes that involve Seitan and maybe (just maybe)  some Tofu as well. 

Tofu and I have yet to find ourselves on friendly terms but this is as good a time as any to try again.   

Any tofu fans out there please feel free to share your favorite tofu recipe.. i have a few that are "supposedly" guaranteed to turn anyone into a tofu fan but only time will tell if they have any merit in that guarantee....

We'll be reporting in throughout the month on any passes and fails.   Already we are on a good start after our first week of grocery shopping came to a total of $68 spent.  If every weeks tally came in under $75 then I will be one happy camper!  

Wish us luck :0)