Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meatless month grocery total

The end of the month is in sight which means our meat-free month is coming to an end. 

For the sake of technicalities I should probably mention that we did eat seafood on Friday evenings for dinner. Considering we were doing this for curiosity rather than environmental or animal concerns, I'm quite alright with still calling our month "meatless" within the guidelines of my own definition ;)  

Weigh in results will come on Saturday but as of  this past Sunday, we have the tally to show the effect it had on our grocery bill.

The previous 4 months on SASS Yourself Slim Plan we've found ourselves spending between $360-$425 dollars per month.  2 people. 4 meals a day.   When it comes to groceries, I feel like we're still newbies in the game of shopping.  We're  really not much for coupon clipping but we do our best to keep an eye out for any items we can find on sale.

The tally for this month surprised me enough that I had to recalculate it  4-5 times because I was sure I was making a mistake somewhere. (Math isn't always my best friend).  After running the numbers by Abel for a final time, we both came up with the same tally of $278 in groceries.  For 2 people, 4 meals a day.

Thats a considerable chunk of change that we saved this month! 

Considering the fact that two super omnivores that would have never considered going vegetarian actually went semi-meatless for an entire month and had zero complaints at the end...

Well, thats pretty impressive.   I'm not sure that we'll go entirely meatless again for next month but we have already decided we will continue to incorporate a lot of meatless meals in our menus each week.

Our next feat awaits us Saturday morning as we weigh in for our personal results.  We'll be going out of town for Labor Day weekend but before heading out I will do what I can to hop online and post the results prior to leaving.

Until then, hope you're all having a great week!