Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 90 Weigh In

This week pretty much went down the crapper for me so I'm not too surprised to see a gain (gasp) for the first time in three months.   A gain of 2 pounds which isn't entirely catastrophic but disappointing nonetheless.   It was a week of "I don't give a damn" when it came to the foods I was eating.

As much as I'd like to figure out why I had such a negative turn, theres not a single answer that seems logical.   Its emotionally tied in to a lot of things but I put an end to it yesterday after a massive headache and uncomfortable stomach issues.  Perhaps the strangest thing of all was that all of my indulgences were sweets.

It's crazy as I've never been one driven by a sweet tooth yet this week it was all about cookies and sugared cereal.  Its no wonder indeed why this food hangover is as strong as it is today.

Not exactly the way I was hoping to end off the final week of our 90 days but whats done is done.

Abel on the other hand had a small loss of .4 lbs.   Except for our weekend out of town he's stuck to the eating plan all week so I'm not surprised to see he still had a loss.

To make things a little easier next weigh in will be on the first of July and then from there on out we will be weighing in the first of every month.    No more weeklies for us!    

Lets hope I'm actually harnessed and fully secured back on the healthy eating/no-binge bandwagon from here on out.   If this weekend proves to be different I may have to reconsider ditching the scale and keeping the weeklies for accountability.

All in all three months in and the 90 day tally of weightloss:

Frances: - 22.2 lbs
Abel - 34.4 lbs

From the looks of things month 3 was a bit of a wash for me, I struggled to lose much for two weeks and then gained the final week.   I'll still take a little pat on the back though.  Given my track record for losing weight and having the ability to keep it off I've done surprisingly better.   I must always remember to keep that in mind.

One foot in front of the other.   :0)