Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What the heck is "Nooch"?

Apparently this "nooch" has been around for quite a long time and I've just recently stumbled across its existance.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before or not, but going through all the recipe blogs in my favorites folder, I find myself fascinated the most by the vegan and vegetarian recipes.  

I'm a diehard meat eater but quite frankly there are several recipes that are helping me little by little let go of my animal instincts to feast on delicious little animals.  Granted, not enough for me to become a vegan nor vegetarian but definitely enough to learn about the benefits that other forms of proteins have to offer.   Beans are becoming one of my favorite foods these days!

I remember first reading Cynthias book in which she states how much she loves her beans and I couldn't help but think "EGADS, I like beans as much as the next guy but to proclaim a love for them... thats a little odd"...  

and now here I am making the same proclamation of love.  

Yay beans! 

But this isn't supposed to be about beans.. no.  This is about "nooch" as it is commonly referred to in the land of food.  From what I've read, in vegan diets specifically there tends to be a bit of a lack of some vitamin B complexes and because of this reason, many people turn to Nutritional Yeast as it is fairly rich in such a vitamin.  Its also naturally low in fat and sodium and serves as quite a good source of protein.   

Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about yet?  Probably not because quite frankly I don't know much about vitamins and what they do for the body but I'm slowly learning.   If I'm the last person on this earth to know what Nutritional Yeast is then by all means indulge me a little and let me have my blog entry.  

Thus far I've read about people adding it dry to popcorn, using it for an eggs benedict sauce and of course most commonly those who use it to make Mac N Cheese.   Oh la la.. mac and cheese... color me happy! 

Lets face it, when you're talking about an alternative for cheese I demand to make a test run of it and get my opinion out there.  Cheese is like gold.. delicious delicious gold...  so how is this going to stack up I wonder? 

I can't even tell you the last time I had mac'n cheese.   But I can tell you that tonight it's the star of our menu and I'm truly hoping it doesnt disappoint.  I've got my hands on a fairly reputable recipe and in a few minutes i will be whipping up the sauce in the kitchen.   Apparently people don't like the sound of Nutritional Yeast so they shortened the name to Nooch... 

personally I dont think "nooch" sounds any more appealing than Nutritional yeast but what are ya gonna do?  If this recipe is worth its weight in deliciousness I may have to give it a new nickname.. nooch just won't do at all.  

Will we like it? Will we hate it?  Will we end up eating a bowl of shredded wheat for dinner instead? 

Stay tuned for tomorrows thrilling conclusion.