Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laptop woes and Fathers Day treats sneak peek...

I wasn't lying when I said the author of SASS Yourself Slim, Cynthia Sass loves beans.  Nor was I exaggerating.  Check it out for yourself in her latest article.

I wont go as far as saying I would want beans to be my food of choice if i were stranded on an island with only one food choice.... but you can rest assured that these days there are always black beans and garbanzo beans stocked in our pantry.  I realize there are so many more beans to be had but for now these are the two that are permanent pantry staples.  Yum!   Ive even been itching to roast up some garbanzo beans into crunchy little snacks but its that type of snack that always gets me in overdose trouble...

Even though our meals include a "snack" meal,  my saving grace is that its actuallya meal rather than a typical "snack".  I would do much better eating toast spread with ricotta, fruit and nuts than say, a bag of pretzels, a string cheese and dried fruits/nuts because those are all  "snacky" foods and they always have a tendency to leave me wanting more.  Does that even make sense?  

In other news, yesterdays Mac N Cheese using nutritional yeast was interesting.  Not bad in any way, but also not sing-song praise worthy.   I do feel I watered down the mix too much so I need to keep experimenting with it.  I was afraid it was getting too thick as I was stirring the ingredients together so I added more water then the recipe called for.  After the pasta and broccoli  went in though, it thinned the sauce out even further and I should have just left it as it was originally.   

I'll definitely give it another go and properly share with you the experience.  We did snap a few photos of the mac last night but I'm presently having to deal without my laptop as the keyboard has gone down and my lappy is the only one that has photoshop on it.  Though I can still access my program and files its a bit of a pain to sign in sans keyboard and get things moved around.   Right now I'm trying to keep in mind that this laptop isn't mine and I'm not to clutter it with 150 recipe bookmarks.  

So far there are only 8 bookmarks that I've added... in the last 24 hours.  Thats some damn good restraint if you ask me ;0) 

Tomorrow I will be getting a few recipes together to bake prior to our weekend trip home.  I've got the perfect baked goods for my mothers bday as well as for fathers day that I am just dying to make and get photographs of.  

This of course means dealing with the pain of my laptop but it (hopefully) will all be worth it in the end.  I'm creating a cookie recipe for my father and am waiting on my order of special cookie cutters: 

available at

What could possibly be more "Fathers Day" then these adorable cutters?