Monday, June 4, 2012

Saturdays Weigh In and Catching Up

Would you believe I have the day off? 

Its a Monday and though my To-Do list is a mile long I have no words to express how appreciative I am that every hour of this day is on my terms to do as I please.   Just for myself!

First thing on my list is to update with Saturdays Weigh In:
Despite our 3 day weekend and the haphazard food planning due to us being out of town for Memorial Day, I still managed to lose a pound and Abel (having eaten like a King while away) maintained for the week.  

Win for the two of us in that respect.  

More items on my to-do list for the upcoming weeks are to photograph and share some recipes on this blog (which I have been promising since this whole thing started) and to create an actual progress page to make it easier for anyone curious as to how the SASS Yourself Slim Plan is working for us in terms of weight loss. 

In other news, I'm finding myself spending every spare minute I do have looking for  recipes to tweak.   Its a sick little obsession that I am starting to wonder if I need an intervention for. 

My bookmarks now have 151 recipes that I would like to try and tackle these upcoming months.  We've already taken on a few with great success, and a few that left us highly disappointed.  I will post more about these in the upcoming weeks though, promise! 

I will say one thing for those of you who constantly post photos and recipes on your blogs... 

MAJOR kudos to you because I am finding that it certainly takes a lot of time to get all these things done.  How people do this while working full time jobs, dealing with families, small children, going to school, (or a combination of these things!) and still sharing your awesome kitchen skills with the world via blogging....

well.... I'm in utter awe.  Here, its just Abel, me, our jobs and a pet fish..

If I even thought about how much busier life would be with a child or school hours, my head may just explode.  For now, I'll stick to baby stepping my way through anything and everything new and see where it leads.  I know I've said it before but changing up your lifestyle in terms of diet is a huge commitment and takes more than willpower and good decision making. It takes knowledge, time, commitment and dedication. 

Today marks Day 71 since we started using Cynthia Sass's Book as our strategy guide for eating.  Almost two and a half months in and though its still a work in progress in terms of becoming second nature, its indeed continuing to be effective for us.  By Day 90 I would like to revisit the review I wrote and write in any changes we've been incorporating in while still losing the weight.  

Who can believe just how fast time is flying?  For now I will get back to my to do list... 

..after I get my lunch on of course :0) 

Happy Monday eats bloggers!