Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Meals

As great as I did in terms of food choices over the holiday weekend, I must confess the road trip back home ended it all with a bag of pretzel M&Ms and a stop at McDonalds for dinner. 

Though I know chocolate and a happy meal isn't exactly the epitome of a diet "disaster" I did end up paying the price with uncomfortable gas Tuesday.    We may or may not have also had a cookie that Monday night when we got back to our apartment.  (Next time I'll definitely plan out our road trip foods better)

The rest of the week has been back to normal as Tuesday night we forced ourselves to go for a late night grocery run for the essentials, and I managed to pick up the rest of the necessities yesterday after work. 

Grocery shopping midweek has its definite perks.   No long lines, no crowds and I get to peruse each and every aisle as long as I'd like.    It also has its drawbacks.   I'm shopping alone and by "peruse" I mean, toss everything intriguing into my cart.

A few of yesterdays finds that werent on the list yet magically made it into my cart were the following: 

That little green guy down there is a Feijoa.  A fruit native to South America and often referred to as a pineapple guava. Its one I've never tried before and at $1.29 per fruit I must say I have pretty big expectations.  

Once I figure out what I'm going to do with it I'll come back and report. Same goes for the rest of the items I picked up. Walking past the basket of mangoes they had at the store, the aroma lured me in... if I'm not mistaken my father and I are the only ones in the family who seem to have a fondness for mangoes. 

Coincidentally I also had to pick up the mango fire cheddar. Again, I dont know what Im going to do with it just yet but cheese and I have always had a love affair and this one in particular must be sampled. 

As for the tea, I plan on doing a little experimenting with it even though I've read a lot of mixed reviews about it.  Some people have apparently found the taste to be much like that of dirt.   How these people know what dirt tastes like is beyond me but with the amount of reviews that are much more positive I'm willing to give it a go! Bob Greene uses it for a Caramel Truffle Latte and thats definitely on my "must try"  list. 

I trust everyone is having a good week, I am super far behind on doing any blog reading but come Saturday morning I will be playing catch up as best I can.  For now, wish me luck with these experiments and lets hope I'm not one of the few who find out what dirt tastes like ;)