Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Weigh In

Day 48.

Abel is kicking ass (once again) this week.

It's astounding the differences in men and womens bodies.  If I didn't love him so much I'd be forced to hate him ;0) Here's our results:

Frances lost:  1.2 lbs
Abel lost: 3.8 lbs

See what I mean?   3.8 pounds.. the man is on fire!

He doesn't necessarily have a determined amount of weight he'd like to lose nor a specific goal he'd like to hit... he's just taking it all day by day reaping in the benefits.

Ah to be so nonchalant about weightloss, must be nice ;)

As for me, I'll gladly take the 1.2 pound loss -- especially since this was a zero exercise week.

My feet would tell you a different story as they have been sore every single night since last weekend.  Considering my job keeps me on my feet I can't say any of my weeks are ever "zero activity".

It's definitely one of the things I enjoy about my job.   Not the aching feet of course, but the fact that it incorporates me having to move around-- lifting 50lb bags of flour, 50 lb bags of sugar,  mixing and carrying huge bags of dough... etc etc etc

It helps to take away some of the guilt for my lack of at-home exercise.

At any rate, just wanted to touch base and put out the numbers for the week.  Thanks for everyone who commented on that last post knocking some sense into this head of mine after I said I was losing weight at a slow pace....

I think in combination with Abels big numbers and seeing the total tally of last months weight loss it is comparatively slow but it's not a fair comparison.  Our initial 30 days included the five day fast forward which jump started everything.  And of course Abel and I are both our own person and trying to stack up to his numbers is just plain silly for me to do.

Thus far, I'm averaging out to 1.4 pounds a week in this 2nd run of "30 days" and thats certainly a healthy amount of loss per week.  Sometimes its hard to get that through my thick little skull!