Thursday, May 10, 2012

Checking In...

(Day 46)

Two more days and the madness of Mothers Day at work ends ...

As much as I applauded myself for not granting a "get out of exercise free" card last Friday, I am about to admit that this entire week I have given myself that free pass.

I'd like to tell you that I miss the after feeling of the endorphins kicking in but to be 100% honest I don't really miss it at all.   Im probably not supposed to say that, but its true.   My life balance has shifted tremendously the last 6 weeks and something as simple as letting the workouts taper off for a bit has allowed me to get back the "me" time I've been needing to let the toxic stress dissipate.

Of course I'm fairly certain this lack of activity will reflect on the scale but considering its one week for the sake of my mental health I'm a-okay with it.   Due to my inactivity I have been tweaking my snacks since Tuesday -- mainly cutting out the grain portions and sticking to the fruit and protein aspects instead.   This is also being done in part because of all the yummy biscottis I taste tested earlier in the week.   Trying to put things in balance...  I should also mention this extra "me" time isn't just sitting around lounging -- its still being productive as time invested in my Etsy shop items.  My poor little Etsy shop has been on the back burner for most of the year and I really miss having the creative outlet.

As for weighing in, I got a comment yesterday from Marianne asking if we were going to continue posting them and though the original intent was to not weigh in month 2, we've still been weighing in on Saturday mornings, I simply didnt get around to posting this past Saturday.   It completely slipped my mind!

Last Saturday (May 5th) was Day 11 of Month 2 and I was down 3 pounds, Abel was down 4.2.

The weight is coming off at a fairly slow rate for me now and though that would normally frustrate me, the fact that we're reaping in the benefits of such healthy eating (great energy, satisfied hunger, delicious foods) the speed of the pounds dropping has gone from being the main event, to the wonderous side effect.

I've got one more full week of work ahead of me and then my schedule should open up a little more.  I'd like to get in some different recipes and start tinkering with our own.  I will pick up with the walking dvds again come Monday morning ... as much as I'm enjoying the extra time this particular week I don't want to get entirely lax and allow myself to think I don't "need" to exercise.

With all the excuses in the world, a positive "need" must trump the selfish "want"...