Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogger issues and Tarragon...

(Day 54)
We are apparently experiencing technical difficulties with the comments section.  I like using IntenseDebate for the comments but suddenly it seems the form is no longer showing up on my entries.   I have a few comments in my gmail box from last saturdays weigh in, but as you can see on that page the form for intense debate isn't even showing up.. or at least its not showing up for me.   It's a bit of a head scratcher.. I've just tried reinstalling and if that doesnt do the trick I'll have to wait until I can figure out what the root of the problem is.   

Not like I'm really posting too much lately as it is.   Remember how I said this was my final week of a busy schedule?  Well I lied...  the woman who is picking up some hours at work won't be able to do so until June so I'm stuck one more week.  (Thank GOD for Memorial Day cutting me some slack the week after next)

At any rate, thus far the experiments in our dinner choices of the week have all been wonderful.  I was hoping to come and review each recipe as we made it but time has been whooshing past and it just hasn't been possible.    We've already tried 4 new recipes (3 new dinners and one new snack) and we have yet to be disappointed.  

In a way its ok because I'd first like to see what the results are on the scale for the end of this week.  Its one thing to follow Cynthias recipes and have the faith in her smarts to know what she's doing but its another to put the recipe components in my hands and have the same trust.   I'll get there in time :0)   If all goes well I'll  be posting these recipes once I get the down time to sit and write them out properly. 

Tuesday I found out I have apparently been missing out big time on the wonderousness that is stuffed acorn squash.  Yummmm... 

Stuffed Acorn Squash- (Recipe to Come Soon)
Our filling for the squash ended up being a bit of a free-for-all with the odds and ends we had in the fridge.  A little bit of chickpeas, a little ground turkey, a little wild rice, a little quinoa and a smidgeon of other veggies.  Everything in its appropriately measured portions of course.  It was so good I went out the next day and bought another little acorn squash so we can do it again soon.

Last night we tinkered around with Tarragon Chicken and though I was very leary about it during the cooking process, it was one of those meals that took me about 2 or 3 bites before I realized how delicious it was.  

Considering I've never cooked with tarragon before I had no idea what it would taste like.  The smell had me a little uncertain and upon doing a google search a lot of people were comparing it to anise and licorice.  I know I've had anise before in other dishes but I couldn't tell you what it tastes like on its own so that doesn't really help me.  And licorice?  Eek... if tarragon were to taste like licorice I would more than likely gag and snub my nose at it.... 

Much thanks to Abel and his open mindedness, I let go of my reservations and  trusted the initial recipe card we were using as a "base".   My mind was on auto pilot ready to serve the chicken on top of some rice when  Abel suggested our grain and fat for the meal be a slice of whole grain toast with a spread of mashed avocado.  

Tarragon Chicken with a side of Avocado Toast
Never being one to turn down avocado, I quickly (and happily) nixed the idea of rice.  The way I figured if I don't care for the chicken at least I know I'll love the side of toast! 

Lucky for me, the chicken was delicious.   Two bites into it I was like "ok, ok this isn't bad at all".... after a few more bites I found myself saying "MMM... this is really good"!  The original recipe only called for zucchini and carrots but we had a small nib of red cabbage we needed to use up so into the dish it went.  

Tonight we play with scallops and pineapple rice.  I have high hopes for this dinner indeed.  I'll be working on getting all these recipes together this weekend and trying my best to post them when I can.  I still owe you guys the Rose and White Chocolate Biscotti recipe I made for Mothers Day. I have not yet forgotten!

So many recipes, so little time.   TGIF bloggers, I hope you're all ending your week well!