Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturdays Weigh In

(Day 57)

Saturday was day 55 and I am happy to report that our experiments in the kitchen were apparently along the right track.

I am down 1.4 pounds and Abel is down one pound for the week.

My apologies for not getting this out on Saturday but considering we will be out of town this upcoming weekend, we got a little busy trying to plan out two weeks worth of meals instead of just one.    Aside from that we're still scouring some books and blogs for other recipes to plug into this 5 piece puzzle system of eating. It's proving to be quite fun for us!

Last week we tweaked 5 new recipes and 4 of those 5 are definite keepers.   Sadly, our Saturday night Paella was a bit of a flop in my eyes.    It wasn't bad tasting, it was actually quite delicious but Paella it was not.   Not by a long shot and therefore I was left a little disappointed.

Back to the drawing board for that one.

At any rate, here are the overall stats as they stand within our first 55 days of SASS Yourself Slim:

Frances is down 21.2 pounds & Abel is down 30.2

As I've mentioned before Abel doesn't have any goal weight he would like to achieve.  After the initial 30 days, his mind was focused on the way cleaner eating is making him feel physically as opposed to what any old scale says.   I so admire him for that...

As for me, I've never been at a "healthy weight " in my entire life (not even as a child) so to claim a definite goal is hard.  I do have a goal range and that would require for me to lose another 23-38 pounds.  I know, its quite a large range but my number is in there somewhere and it's only a matter of time before I get to it.

In the meantime we will continue on this plight and share with you our little kitchen and weigh in adventures :0)