Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meyer lemons?

Day 39.
Mulberry Goji Almond Parfait (altered from recipe on pg 97)
I finally got around to using the dried Goji berries this morning.   Our original breakfast was Peanut Butter Mullberry Toast but considering we only had enough PB for one serving, I prepped it for Abel to take to work.  Still wanting to get my mullberries in, I decided to spilt the serving size in half and replace the other half with the Goji berries.

Of course I couldn't help but put some of the berries in a decorative flower on the top ;0)

They were absolutely delicious, the mint leaves and goji together were especially flavorful.   I would have gone all goji but I figured the mix of dried fruits was a good call (just for the sake of variety).  It's starting to get into my head that variety is exactly what I was missing the first 9 months of my weightloss journey.

Back then, my "go-to fruit" was always apples.  JUST apples.  Fuji apples in particular.   This week I've been really craving it up for the grapes but considering I have other options-- I'm trying to keep that mind open and use up a little bit of everything.

Especially considering I have two pounds of mullberries (i got a little carried away)... and a pound of goji berries.   I'm definitely curious to try the goji berries in cooking or plumping them in water to see the difference in taste or texture.   This will require me finding a recipe -- whether its for an actual savory dish or perhaps even a baked good. This recipe from Kiran Tarun for Mushroom & Goji Berry Soup sounds interesting indeed!

It may be a while before we try it but I'm filing it into our recipes to try down the road.

In other news, it seems that everywhere I turn I keep hearing/reading about Meyer Lemons lately.  What exactly are these lemons and why are they so different from regular little lemons?  Last weekend I finally saw some at our local Meijer store but had to refrain from buying them as we had just purchased an entire bag of regular lemons hours beforehand.  Today we have one little lonely lemon left and I'm hoping to still find the Meyer lemons on my next grocery stop.

I'm not sure what all the hubbub is about but according to my resources its sweeter than the standard lemons we're used to and also less acidic.   Considering what I love about lemons is the puckery acidity I'm not sure how I'll feel about the meyer lemon but I'm willing to give it a fair shot!

Lemons are my friends.  On everything from jicama, to carrots, to pasta, papaya, and cucumbers (the list is endless really)...  I just love em!

My parents will often talk about the first time they gave me a lemon.  As many mischeivous parents do, they like getting the reaction from their childs first experience with a lemon.  Not quite being a "normal" child  I may have disappointed them by simply sucking the hell out of it with absolute no reaction other than "nom nom nom"...

At least, they have the memory of my 3 siblings sour expressions... They should have known then and there that my love for food was with me from the womb.   If nothing else, I was a brave little baby with solid tastebuds ..

a blessing I somehow derailed into a curse in life, but am finally getting back to rewiring for the sake of my health :0)