Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who moved my kitchen? (Take 2)

(Day 44)

Blogger is playing tricks on me.  Two sentences into writing my original post it decides to publish it mid sentence.   My apologies if anyone comes up to a broken link trying to read that silly two sentence post.

Things got rather busy around here Sunday and Monday.  The good news is I managed to track down all the items I needed for my Mothers Day recipe and it is officially done and ready to be shipped out.   I can't tell you how sensational it is having your home smell of roses and cookies simultaneously.

I'll be posting the recipe I tweaked to make these soon if anyone is interested.

I wish I could be there to see my moms reaction when she takes the first bite.

Truth be told the only difference I would have made was to cut back on the sugar slightly.  They aren't overwhelmingly sweet, but the white chocolate chips do make it a little sweeter than anticipated.

I probably taste tested one too many but I'm ok with that as the flavors were so indescribably lovely together.

I do recall tasting the rose flavored ice cream my mother was so fond of in Mexico but I wasn't too impressed.  The flavors in that ice cream were a little overwhelming and overpowered into my sinuses.  Of course I was a wee little girl back then and I would more than likely be willing to give it another try as an adult.

As for the biscotti, nothing overwhelming but the flavor of rose is undeniable.  Its soft on the palate and lingers perfectly for a few seconds after each bite.   Tied to the ribbon are two packs of Rose infused tea and I'll be sending it along with a recipe card stating these cookies are one of a kind special made in honor of one woman.   (Hence the name Rosas de Lola biscotti)

I'm such a sap for my dear sweet mother :0)

As for the title of todays blog, I was thrilled that we were able to get all the unique ingredients I needed for the biscotti but I failed to notice one small detail.

The butter.   The most basic of ingredients that more than likely everyone has in their fridge.  After reviewing the base recipe I was tweaking for the biscotti, it dawned on me that we have no butter and I found it a little amusing.   Such a household staple and we haven't had it in ours for months.  Silly us!

From what I've read biscotti recipes don't generally require butter, but the base I was using from skinnytaste.com uses the smallest bit and believe you me, I know that Gina never steers me wrong so I wanted to make it as close to her recipe as possible.  ;)

It also required a pinch of salt.

Salt...   no problem.  I know for sure we have salt...

... I simply couldn't find it.

I have a small salt shaker that i hate opening up because it always makes a mess so I was in search for the bigger canister and couldn't find it to save my life.  I know its in there because a few weeks ago when we started this healthier eating I knew we weren't going to be using it so I put it "away" ...

... and now I don't remember where.   I ended up having to make the mess with the little salt shaker and the search for my salt canister will have to continue another day.

Its so amusing when something little like that makes you feel like you've really made big changes :0)