Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm a sucker for foods with cute names...

(Day 51)

Altered version of Ellie Kriegers L.O.V.E  wrap
Presenting to you... the LOVE Wrap.

What exactly is the "L-O-V-E" aspect of the wrap, you say?  Quite simple, really.. it's  Lettuce, Onion, Veggies & Egg.

A spin off of an egg salad wrap and oh so delicious. (Thank You Ellie Krieger!) In order to have it fit into the SASS strategy, it more than likely needs a side salad to make up for the regular serving of lunch/dinner veggies.   Due to much laziness and time restriction  we opted out of getting all the veggies in.  Abel did have a smidgen of the extra veggies that didn't fit into his wrap but not quite enough to call it the full serving.

Don't let the monochromatic snoozefest of the photo fool you.  It was oh so delicious and is definitely going to stay in our food rotations.

The only changes we made were to use 1/4 of an avocado instead of mayo, yellow bell pepper (because we were out of red)...  and we used only one hard boiled egg per wrap.  Next time we make this I'd like to include some tomato (better yet sun dried tomato) and get that small side salad in.

Perhaps once we actually have the time to get it right I'll re-post this in the 5 piece puzzle format with a much more appealing photo ;0)

This weekend was somewhat an off plan weekend for us.  Partly because we didn't get out of bed Sunday till almost 11, making it impossible to get all 4 meals in for the day and partly because Saturday we indulged in extra snacks for a night at the movies (snacks were wasabi peas and whole grain crackers). Perfect for the munchies though the crunch aspect of the wasabi peas might have been a bit loud :0)

For Sundays dinner we decided to try out Ginas Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Baked Chicken.  It doesnt necessarily fit into the five piece puzzle but paired with a serving of veggies, we found that just one of the chicken breasts was quite satisfying rather than the serving size of two suggested.

There was enough of the filling to top the breast off with a little dollop and instead of breading the entire chicken, we used the leftover cracker bits from our whole wheat crackers to drizzle on top of our chicken and veggies.

Not something we'll be rotating around every week but definitely a dish that we must revisit!

As much as we have fallen in love with the recipes of Cynthias book, there are a number of them that we keep wanting to repeat over and over again and though thats not a bad thing, it would be a bad thing if we got sick of them so we've been on the lookout for new recipes to plug into the 5 piece puzzle.

As we grocery shop, Abels been picking up some of the freebie recipe cards offered at Meijer and we're going to do our best to tweak the following recipes into a five piece puzzle fashion for the remaining dinners of this week:

Tuesday:  Stuffed Acorn Squash
Wednesday: Lemon Chicken Over Pasta
Thursday: Tarragon Chicken
Friday:  Spicy Scallops with Pineapple Rice
Satuday: Paella

Some of these are somewhat basic and won't require too much tweaking.  Fridays dinner wont exactly fit Cynthias plans as she prefers to keep all fruits in snacks and breakfasts only but pineapple rice sounds too good to pass up.  I may tweak the serving size of my other fruits that day to accomodate for the change and of course add some veggies in the mix.   I'm not exactly sure why Cynthia doesn't mix veggies with her fruits but I'll see if I can find out.

This week has been particularly rough for me to stay on plan due to Aunt Flo and her monthly visit again.  She turns me into a beast and all I want to do is snack away 24/7.   The fact that we are going to be trying these new recipes is helping me though...  I want to know that I can trust myself in tweaking any recipe of my choice into a 5 piece puzzle fit and still lose the weight.

In reality, this is exactly the reason Cynthia developed this strategy-- but in my head, the thoughts of ME getting my grubby little pudgy hands on the five piece puzzle, I'm skeptical that I'll be the one to find a way to gain weight on this plan rather than lose ;0)

If any of our dinners this week are less than par I won't be posting the recipes for them until we can tweak them and get them just right.   The paella should be VERY interesting as it isn't exactly one of those recipes that can be "just ok".  True paella is absolutely DAMN delicious and if we can come up with something remotely similar I'll be in heaven.

Its the recipe I'm looking forward to the most!

In closing news, today is National Chocolate Chip Day. Who comes up with these things?  I surely don't know but I'm never one to argue the concept of chocolate in any form..

Out of sheer coincidence we had pre-chosen a breakfast that includes our good friends chocolate chips:   Chocolate Pear and Vanilla Smoothie.  You'll note on the Shape website its originally supposed to be ginger rather than vanilla but I am still not a fan of having ginger in anything sweet.

Any ginger servings will just have to be in savory dishes along with vegetables rather than fruits.  These tastebuds of mine aren't budging on the matter, but as long as they don't dislike ginger altogether, I'm all good.

Hope everyone in blog land is having a great start to their week!