Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The dreaded refrigerator...

(Day 37)

California Chicken Cilantro Burrito Bowl (pg 123)
This is a repeat meal for us but the first time we had it we replaced salsa with pico de gallo.  It was great with the pico but using actual salsa made it even better.  I could seriously eat this everyday for the rest of the week!    We still need to get our favorite recipes in order to create a post of them but this will more than likely be on mine :0)

A great deal of my morning thus far has been spent baking up some chicken breasts, clearing out the refrigerator and cooking batches of quinoa and brown rice to prep for the freezer.   Our apartment refrigerator is so basic, its hard to keep things organized.    Same goes for the freezer.. everything is just somewhat piled on top of each other, everytime I open the door I have to brace myself in case the frozen chicken breasts come flying towards my face...

There seriously has to be a better way of organizing a freezer without shelves.

Until I find the solution, I'll have to send some search parties to find the frozen raspberries I bought this weekend.   They seem to have magically disappeared.

Makes you wonder if the same vortex that steals your left socks in the dryer is responsible for crappy little freezer abductions as well.