Monday, April 30, 2012

I can shop at whole foods too dammit

(Day 36)

Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes (pg 128)
Eating stuffed tomatoes is a messy job but somebodys got to do it.   I believe this was our dinner from Friday night, photo provided by Abels Flickr Account as I hungrily bit into mine before even thinking about getting a shot.


Due to a dreary gloomy Saturday we spent most of the day indoors watching movies and of course sorting our meals for the upcoming week.   Sunday was grocery day and though we spent more than I was hoping to ($75), a lot of that went to replenish items that will last the entire month.  Grains and dried fruits mostly....

I'd like to plan a trip to Whole Foods in the upcoming weeks and maybe even a stop at Trader Joes.  I've only been once to Whole Foods and I can't tell you how out of place I felt.  It was prior to this SASS eating plan and I don't recall what we were looking for specifically but my mind automatically went into defense mode telling me fatties like me don't belong at Whole Foods and I suddenly felt quite uncomfortable.

Ah, the mind games of our subconscious, eh?

As for Trader Joes, we've never been to one so its definitely something to look forward to.  Any product recommendations are, of course, welcome.   It may be about two weeks before we make the trip but in the mean time I'm still getting some great ideas from healthy eating blogs out there.  So many blogs, so little time!

Most of these blogs I'm finding include fancy pants recipes with ingredients I've never heard of but it's kinda fun taking notes and learning about these foods rather than snubbing them as too "complicated".  (Something I would have done in the past) It's becoming fun....

Abels really getting into the cooking aspect as well.  When we first started I didn't exactly break down the 411 about the 5-piece puzzle concept  but now as we go along, he's correcting me on what foods fit into which category.  (I keep forgetting cheese falls as a protein and not a fat)...

The student surpasses the teacher :0)
Not that I mind though.. having him help as much as he does (and doing so willfully) has been awesome.