Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 15- Halfway through it...

9:30 p.m. Breakfast - Breakfast Tacos w/Figs
1:45 p.m Snack - Cranberry Pesto Egg Spread
5:30 p.m. Lunch - Mediterranian Broccoli Couscous Platter
10:00 p.m. Dinner - Herbed Walnut Artichoke Lettuce Wraps

Short post for Day 15 foods.

Who knew cranberries and pesto work well together?
Not us, but we know now :0)

Our dinner was an array of cottage cheese and artichoke hearts in lettuce wraps and though TheFiance wasn't  a huge fan, it was easily one of my favorites thus far.   I don't think I've ever had artichokes before -- aside from artichoke spinach dip in restaurants which are nowhere near being "healthy".

Breakfast and Lunch were fairly "safe" for us since they included foods we were already sure we liked.  Though for me the figs were something new.  Finding fresh figs turned out to be mission impossible so we picked up a pack of organic dried figs and they were perfect.    As for lunch, TheFiance found it to be a little bland but not necessarily too bad.

We were discussing what we were going to do once the initial 30 days are up and have decided we're going to keep up with this.  There are still more recipes to be tried and eventually I'd like to get the hang of this enough to where I can plug in my own swaps and create new recipes.

For now things are still a little time consuming and I still get confused putting the right foods in the right categories (produce, whole grains, protein, plant-based fats & seasonings) but once I get the hang of it I'm hoping it will be more like second nature.