Saturday, April 28, 2012

New goodies....

(Day 34)

According to my calculations, there are currently 3 Breakfast Recipes, 8 Snack Recipes and 8 Lunch/Dinner Recipes that we have yet to try from the book.  There are also a few floating around online that we haven't covered yet but we'll get to them as well.

Yesterday was the infamous Shrimp Creole dish that I've been hearing so many good things about.  Upon reading some success stories in the book and online, a lot of people mentioned the Shrimp Creole as their favorite dish, so I've been patiently waiting to give it a taste::

Shrimp Creole (pg 128)
Most of the shrimp lies under the sauce, so please don't think all you get is three measly shrimp bites ;0)  This was just as good as everyone said it was going to be.   I won't go as far as saying its my favorite but its definitely in the top 5.     TheFiance might just have this in his top 3 meals but considering there have been so many great meals, its hard to remember them all on a whim.  

As for the package we received Thursday, our cabinets are now welcoming new stock including:

Items Ordered From Nuts.Com
Mullberries, Wasabi Peas, Coffee Beans, and Goji Berries.

But not just any coffee beans....

Naturally, the minute we got it we had to try it out.  To say that it tastes like Cookies n Cream is a long shot but it's definitely an awesome coffee.  A hint of sweetness that takes on a flavor reminiscent of cocount and cream.  Delicious!

After checking out their website a bit further, ( theres quite a few things I'd like to get my hands on.     Primarily the quinoa puffs and the truffle oil.   Along with my order came a complimentary bag of Chia Seeds.

I'm not entirely sure what to do with these but a few google searches can help me out with that.  Suggestions, of course are also welcome.   Seems like a nice size "free sample", no?

It's quite a lazy Saturday for us today.  The skies are gray and the thunder is like a warning to keep our butts home.   If nothing else, this gives me the opportunity to update this blog and get a few pages added next week.  

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends :0)