Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 14 - Cookie splurge and Aunt Flo

10:30 am Breakfast- Pear Almond Ginger Pancakes
2:30pm Snack- Open Faced Cheese & Pear Sandwich (half portion)
5:30pm Lunch- Spicy Avocado Tostadas
9:30pm Dinner- Brazil Nut Dusted Chicken w/Veggies and Rice

10:30 p.m Splurge-. Half a mint chocolate chip cookie.

We forewent our chocolate escape for Day 14 and split a gourmet cookie I brought home from work. Not that its an equal exchange, mind you, but it was a splurge we worked into our day and enjoyed.

As for the rest of the days food, the tostadas were by far our favorite meal of the day!

No big food temptations for Easter weekend as both of our families live about 5 hours away.  Our weekend was spent watching movies, menu planning and feeding our brains at a bookstore.

This week should prove interesting for me as good ol' Aunt Flo is visiting.

TMI?    perhaps, but ladies will tell you that all of our monthly issues come with different symptoms.  Usually my symptoms include non stop hunger, bloating and of course the dreaded cramps.  

Generally speaking when I eat healtheir the cramps are fairly tolerable but the insatiable hunger stays the same regardless.  Considering this recent schedule of eating every few hours I'm wondering if it will be enough to keep my body from driving me crazy.   She's a beast I tell you.

Day 15 is now upon us and its a little hard to believe we're halfway into this 30 day blog.   I'm starting to re-think of leaving this blog on Day 30 and perhaps just continue on wherever this new eating plan will take us.  Originally the 30 days were to have us just be a couple of public guinea pigs.  I wasn't sure if we'd like this or even get results from it but from where things stand, this is definitely an enjoyable change we want to continue on with.

I'll be doing a formal review on the book on the 17th which will be Day 23 for us.  Not too hard to tell that this will be a positive review indeed :0)