Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 8 - New (to me) foods for day 8.

9:30 am Breakfast- Ricotta and Peach Toast
1:00pm Snack- 1/2 recipe for Cinnamon and Pear Crisp (not photo'd)
4:30pm-5:30pm Lunch- Chicken Cilantro Burrito Bowl
9:30pm Dinner- Peppers w/Polenta & Pine Nuts

11pm Chocolate Escape- Citrus Truffle.

More new experiences for me.   Primarily with the Polenta.  Im pretty sure I didn't cook it exactly right but it was still delish.   After a busy day at work, and stopping yet again to the grocery store, my brain was a little fizzled out once I got in.  Anything that required math was a bad idea as my ratio of polenta to water was way off and I ended up with twice the amount I wanted.

The lima beans and pine nuts were also fairly new to me.  I've eaten them in foods before but never foods that I've prepared.  The mix of it all was overall fresh and yummy.   Considering it was a late dinner, I was glad it didn't leave me feeling "stuffed" or heavy.

One thing I wish I had done was taken a picture of the Pear Crisp I ate.  Not that it particularly looked awesome but it was definitely my favorite thing of the day.  Warm pear, cinnamon and oats feels like a mashup of pie. Unfortuneatly TheFiance didn't get a picture of his either, but said it was just as good if eaten cold. He was a happy camper :0)

In other news, I ordered some mulberries from Amazon today.  Quite curious to see what they will taste like as I've never had them before. I cant remember which recipe calls for them (its one of the breakfasts) but I'm excited for the continuance of trying new things.

I've never really been one to eat much fruit.  Especially not when I'm trying to lose weight.

I realize how silly that sounds, as I know they all respectively offer a lot of goodies like antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, etc.  but I think the fact that its easy to eat too much fruit is what has kept me at bay.   When I was losing the weight on my own I was probably having a small apples worth of apple slices a day.  No other fruit, just a single serving (if that)

With this way of eating though, we're able to get our two fruits in a day and whats perhaps the best thing, is its not just the fruit alone.   It becomes a mini dish all its own.

Absolutely a plus!