Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 6 - Yum Yum Yum

9:30 a.m. Breakfast - Berry Omelet W/ Avocado Toast
3:00p.m. Lunch - Green Tea Chicken
8pm  Dinner - Chicken Pesto Pita
10pm Dark Chocolate Escape - Chipotle Truffle

You'll note we failed to get in our fourth meal but truly we didn't know where to incorporate it.  

The berry omelet was a foreign concept to me and I realize it looks like a big mess up there but it was actually pretty good.  As for the Avocado and Toast.. are you kidding, of course there were no complaints :0)

The Green Tea Chicken was pretty awesome, though I was a little hesitant about eating it all.  I told TheFiance  it just seems like we're going to be eating a lot more food than I was when I lost the initial 70 pounds on my own. I wasn't counting calories day in and out but I was definitely staying below the 1300 calorie point. Now I'm pretty sure we're going over that mark and it gives me a bit of worry.  Though I will say this food is a lot more nutritious so I'm just going to continue on with it and rest my worries aside for now.

The Chicken Pesto Pita was amazing.  I felt as though I was eating all "fancy-pants" like all day.   It will be interesting to see how we make this work during the week when we don't have the same amount of time to cook and prepare things as much.

The fact that we missed our fourth meal was kind of a fail.  Its easier when we actually get up at 7a.m and have a fuller day but everyone knows weekends are for sleeping in ;)

We did however have our chocolate indulgence by making the recipe for Chipotle chocolate truffles.   The recipe calls for Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which we had to pick up at a health store.  Once again, more than I was expecting to spend but I've heard about the benefits of coconut oil for years and figured it will last me a while.

My apologies for not posting a photo of the truffle, but following it according to the book was a big fail and the "truffle" looked more like a small dog poo...  no matter how I took the photo it just wasn't very appealing.  Trust me thought, it was delicious :0)

In other news, TheFiance came up with the idea of making a posterboard and having "flash cards" of the recipes to make our  weekly meal planning easier.  We spent most of Saturday getting that organized and still have a few things to do before we go shopping for the week.

Lets hope we can keep the rest of this program budget friendly!