Friday, April 27, 2012

Well, they can't all be winners...

Thank God we made it through the 30 days because it seems for Days 31 and 32, things have been a big blur.  I've wanted to continue showing you photos of our meals until Saturday but I've already fallen behind on them and absentmindedly forgot to photograph two of the last few meals... 

I'm irresponsibly blaming my job for the dropping of the ball on my part.   For those who don't know, I presently work for a bakery as a mixer/baker and sometimes a decorator.   Considering its secretarys week,  "Administrative Professionals" week, cookie bouquets have been flying out the door.  The days have been longer than usual and I've come home beyond exhausted the past couple of nights.   

Regardless, it is now Friday and I'm taking time this morning to relax with the sounds of bossa nova music as I upload some photos and enjoy my breakfast pita:

Pesto Breakfast Pita (pg 100)
One thing I must make note of is that I did not "work out" with dear Leslie Sansone neither Wednesday or Thursday and those seemed to be the days I felt like I was hit by a mac truck the worst.   I came home thinking "Thank God I didn't work out or I'd be dead by now"...  but then I got to thinking.  Monday and Tuesday were just as busy so why wasn't I as exhuasted those days?   Could it be the workout actually kept me from being tired those long days?  

I'm guessing (and dreading) the answer is probably yes.   As much as I'm enjoying this nice relaxing atmosphere at the moment I'm already mind prepping myself to get this 3 mile walk in before going to work in an hour.  I don't want to but if it will fight off feeling like utter poo at night then its worth it.  

As for the meals I actually have managed to take pics of the last few days... well, we have to make note of the first recipe in the book we didn't fully enjoy:
Mediterranean Minted Turkey Salad (pg 125)
Isn't it lovely though?    Truthfully I didn't mind it after the first 3 bites.  It got a little tastier everytime but never quite enough to say "this is delicious!"   TheFiance gave it a harsh two thumbs down.  My guess is because of the black olive tapenade and the artichoke hearts.   For me, it was just the tapenade and mint flavor combo that I wasn't a fan of.   The bulgur and sun dried tomatoes totally saved this dish for me though.   I would definitely do this again replacing the tapenade with a type of nut or sunflower seeds.   

Lucky for us, dinner was much more appealing and made our little tastebuds happy: 
Ginger Turkey Stirfry (pg 127)
Also helping my mood lift last night was the adorable package delivered via UPS waiting for me upon my arrival home.....

The last of my splurges before our final 30 days were up.  Want to know whats in the box?  

Come back for the next post ;0)  Right now Leslie and her posse await me for our 3 mile walk.  For any of you familiar with these dvds  I must say it has to be difficult for those women to keep a smile on their faces throughout the entire walk.  I'd be the grumpy face in the back marching in place and squatting down into those kickbacks with my scrunchy face of pain.  The workouts aren't "hard" or intense really but smiling is just something that doesnt come naturally for me when working out.. 

... thats just creepy.