Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 23 - I'm not a creepy stalker...

10:00 A.M. Breakfast- Chocolate Pear Ginger Vanilla Smoothie (pg 97)
1:45 P.M. Lunch - Smoked Gouda And Grilled Onion Salad (pg 117)
6:30 P.M. Snack - Pineapple Almond Peppercorn Parfait (pg 112)
9:30 P.M. Dinner - Turkey & Wild Rice Stuffed W/Peppers (pg 125)

As I recently mentioned, ginger and my tastebuds aren't getting along too well when it comes to sweet dishes so we altered the breakfast recipe to include vanilla instead.   Vanilla from a bean makes the world of difference... I've always heard that but never really thought it could be that big a deal.... once again I was proven wrong.   [that tends to be happening a lot lately]  Our little blender didn't get all the chocolate bits crunched up so with every few sips we'd get a nice piece of chocolate surprise to nibble on.

I had my reservations about lunch as neither TheFiance nor I are big fans of onions.  He was a lot more optimistic than I was considering the onions were grilled and caramelized.   It's not hard to tell who the pessimist of the relationship is, eh?   But I still went along with it and kept the open mind...

...  not only was I pleasantly surprised at the taste but I found myself wanting more onions after all was said and done.  The combination of the vinegar, the smoked gouda and the onions were amazing, almost creamy even.   I'm pretty infamous for detesting salads but this one will absolutely be made again. As for TheFiance, he couldn't tell whether he was just really hungry or if the salad was just that good.   I'm betting it was the latter!

The snack was a hit, no big surprise there as its fruit and yogurt.. always a winning combination!

Dinner was improvised because we didn't have more than two peppers in their entirety to cut and stuff.  We kinda had an array of pre-cut peppers from our past meals and though we really wanted to try the stuffed peppers, we ended up just using the slew of sliced ones we had as a base for our wild rice and turkey.

It seems that wild rice may just be my absolutely favorite grain hands down.  The smell as it cooks causes an instant reaction in my brain.  I'm a huge fan of "textures" in everything from food, clothes, touch, and design and apparently the smell alone makes me think of texture.   Did you know texture had a smell?  

It smells like wild rice cooking.   Seriously, you heard it here first ;0)

And on a final topic, if you haven't already checked out the authors facebook page, last night I came home to find that she posted the link to this blog on her wall and I shrieked like a little school girl.   She mentioned how  strange it was to read what someone has to say about her book a.k.a her "baby" and its funny to me because I never considered it from her point of view.

Quite frankly I'm not the first to blog about this plan but after looking around I may be the one who seems most detailed with it.   Of course this now makes me feel a little bit like the creepy stalker fan girl but it's a label I'm willing to risk in order to finally achieve a life of health :0)

I promise in the weeks to come I won't be making vegetable busts in her image, nor tropical fruit shrines in her honor.   I may be a fan, but I'm far too riddled with A.D.D (plus laziness) to be a creepy stalker...