Sunday, April 29, 2012

TheFiance - Unveiled!!!

1.  First things first, do you have a real name or are all the readers destined to know you as "TheFiance"?
[lol] I do have a real name.  It's Abel.

2.  As in "Cain and Abel"? 
[ugh] yes... lol

3.  Prior to this experience were you looking to lose weight or was it really a non issue?
It was something I've wanted to do, I just didn't know how to go about it.

4.  What then made you decide to do this plan?
It was mainly to be supportive to Frances.

5.  Is there a specific amount of weight you would like to lose? 
Not really, no.

6.  In terms of the S.A.S.S way of eating, what would you say was the hardest thing about the initial 30 days? 
Self control the first week on the 5 day Fast Forward.  That, and avoiding temptation from 3 food parties at work (which never happened as much until now...of course)

7.  Are you satisfied with the volume of food?
[slight pause] Meh, I think so... Majority of the time, I'm pretty good.

8.  Do you find the plan gives you sufficient energy to keep you full, satisfied and energized?
Most of the time, yeah.  Sometimes I would get a little hungry between meals. Now I find myself splitting the "snack" in half and saving the second half to decrease the hour spans in between. It seems to work for me.

9.  What would you say is the best change you've noticed since starting this healthier eating plan? 
I've noticed I'm no longer tired and groggy in the mornings.

10.  Do you have any favorite meals from the book? 
A few! But off the top of my head, the green tea chicken with avocado corn salad! (SO good)

11.  Is there anything you haven't eaten in these 30 days that you especially miss?

12. Any new delicious foods you've discovered that you've liked?
Cherimoya fruit -- though its more a re-discovery. I remember eating it in Mexico as a child -- years later we've reconciled.

13. Any new foods you've discovered you don't particularly like?
I don't think I like artichokes very much.  Or black olives.

14.  Do you see this way of eating more as a temporary thing or are you in it for the long run? 
Hoping for the long run.  For the sake of our health it will be better for us, though there will of course be exceptions. Family/friends b-days, holidays, or special nights out.

15.  Any plans to make a recipe of your own fitting into the "5-piece puzzle"?
Not just yet, but I will!

16.  Does Frances really get as crabby as she claims to when she's hungry?
Yes [clears throat] next question.

17.  Is there anything you don't like about this plan?
No. I think as long as you stick to it, your habits will change.  Like anything else, its difficult at first but once you get used to it, its like second nature.

18.  Is that your biggest takeaway from this plan?
Yes.  It's hard to explain but as an example, if Im hungry and driving past a fast food restaurant I don't feel the desire to stop in for a "quick bite". Or if I make a quick run to the store or gas station, I don't have the urge to pick up any snacks. The need vs want has changed. Its more about what my body needs rather than wants.

19.  Thats a huge takeaway!!  Anything else you'd like to share with the lovely people? 
Sure! I'm a sucker for all the attention my food photos on facebook are receiving from friends and family.  If anyone else wants to see more pictures, they can check out my Flickr page here.

Thank you Mr Fiance Abel for taking the time out to give us one mans perspective on the 30 day core plan of S.A.S.S Yourself Slim.  If anyone has any further questions from the male perspective, we welcome you to leave a comment or email us.  

fine print:  [No fiances were injured in the answering of question #16]