Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 11 Overview - Milk, how I've missed thee...

10a.m.   Breakfast - Peanut Butter & Berry Toast
1:45 p.m. Lunch - Cucumber & Tomato Quinoa w/Lentils
5:00 pm Snack - Cinnamon and Pear Crisp (once again missed a taking a photo of this one)
8:30 pm Dinner - Chicken & Red Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

Originally meant to be blackberry toast, we opted to use the rest of the mixed berries we had from the five day fast forward at breakfast.  I can't tell you the last time I had a full cup of milk.  Ever since I started this weightloss dealie back in June I haven't much touched the stuff and I've missed very much so.

Instead of my usual sneaking in bites of lunch within a 4 hour span I decided to switch it up and eat lunch before going into work.   My hope was that it would keep me full until at least 5 but I found myself really hungry by 4pm.  Not sure if it was because I was doing a lot of moving around at work but by the time 5pm finally came around I ate my snack and was ok.

After getting home, we made a quick grocery store visit and again I felt crazy hungry at 7:30 pm...  it seemed too soon but it made me re-think my eating of lunch prior to work.  This was the first day I've felt super hungry twice before my meal time.   Granted, the sensation of hunger should be happening so that we can be aware of our bodies needs but this was a little more ravenous hunger.   Not cool.

Though to be fair I must say that dinner more than made up for my thrown-off day of eating.  Never having been a fan of black olives, we skimped on them and threw in only half of what the recipe calls for them. I wasn't looking too forward to trying this recipe because it seemed a little lamesville.   Especially since I've had super hunger throughout the day... but low and behold this turned out to be one of our favorites thus far.

Day 11 done :0)

As for Day 12, TheFiance is going to be staring willpower in the face today as his company is ordering pizza for everyone.  There will be treats and goodies of all kinds and he's already out the door with his breakfast, lunch and snack, ready to fight the temptations.     I was all set to tell him he could still apply this "5 piece puzzle" to the food they bring but he assured me he would just resist it all considering we will be weighing in tomorrow morning.

We all know sodium is so not our friend prior to weigh in days.   I hope he punches peer pressure in the face :0)