Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 10- Strawberries in a taco?

9:30 am Breakfast- Strawberry Avocado Tacos
1:30pm Snack- Pear Ricotta Toast
5:00pm-6:00pm Lunch- Chilled Chicken Pilaf
9:45pm Dinner- Chicken & Broccoli Pasta

Considering the most active part of my day is mid afternoon to evening Im thinking I should probably switch up my snack time with lunch time.  Its a bit of a hassle trying to get in a few bites of lunch between a four hour span.  The snacks aren't that time consuming to eat and would probably work best for me if eaten around 5.   I'll have to give it a shot and see how that works out for me on Day 11.

As for TheFiances schedule, his is pretty much dictated by his jobs break which I would imagine makes it easier for him.  Plus he's not as neurotic as I am about hunger.   Its like I'm scared to feel hungry or something.. its crazy talk but I need to relax and trust that these nutritious foods are going to take care of my bodys needs.

The strawberry avocado tacos were great.  I feel like they could have used someting else flavorwise but I couldn't quite put my finger on what.. maybe some crushed red pepper... is that crazy? :)  They were slightly sweet with the creamy avocado bits and theres even some edamame in there for extra bite and protein.   Once again, a combination I never would have thought of putting together but very satisfying! TheFiance did a great job of getting it altogether while I made our lunches 

The snack recipe originally called for apples but another trip to the grocery store is in order and I substituted a pear instead.

Lunch was a little rushed as my coworker and I got in a few last minute orders to fill and I had to take a few bites in at a time.  The onions were a little overkill for me (and TheFiance as well) but replacing half the onion with mushrooms might just be a gold star.

Dinner was great as Ive always been a fan of broccoli and of course, pasta.  After cooking everything I was afraid it was going to be rather dry (sans sauce and or cheese) but I was surprised that just a little bit of lemon over everything kept it refreshingly good.

In other news, prior to writing this blog I checked on the status of the amazon shipment of dried mulberries and it looks as though they should be in this afternoon.

woohoo! yet another "something new" for us!