Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 9 - You had me at mozzarella...

9 am Breakfast- Blueberry smoothie and Almond Butter Toast
1:30pm Snack- Open Faced Cheese & Apple Sandwich
4:30pm-6:00pm Lunch- Layered Bean Dip w/Guacamole
9:30pm Dinner- Mozzarella Basil Pizza-lad (Pizza/Salad)

I believe we found the first thing we've had in the last 9 days that we didn't thoroughly enjoy.....

The blueberry smoothie for breakfast consisted of skim milk and though it didn't taste bad, it was just a little drab.  I thing I would have much better preferred the glass of skim milk alone with the berries on the side.  

As for lunch, we found the Bean Dip to be really delicious -- though TheFiance wasn't a fan of dipping his celery into it.  Surprisingly enough, the taste of it with the celery was my favorite part, and believe me when I say that I am not a big fan of celery  :0)  

Aside from that we had zero complaints about the snack and dinner.  Who knew Warm apples w/cinnamon and cheese could be so tasty?  and for those who did why wasn't I informed sooner? :0)

Actually, I have heard of people putting cheese slices on their apple pies before but the thought to even try it never interested me.  Looks like I may have been missing out all along.  Definitely worth having again soon.

As for dinner.. well, its a simple fresh ingredient pizza topped with delicious greens.. whats not to love?  TheFiance felt it more than made up for his dissatisfaction with the blueberry smoothie for breakfast ;0)

Not too much else went on for Day 9, I'm starting to realize with all these new foods in the fridge/freezer and cabinets, our kitchen needs to be reorganized big time!