Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 20 - The dinner that almost wasn't...

10:00 a.m. Breakfast - California Harvest Pita w/Minted Yogurt (pg 102)
2:00 p.m. Snack - Tangerine *Shrimp Tacos w/Guacamole (pg 114)
5:30 p.m. Lunch - Garlicky Barley Vegetable Chicken Soup (pg 123)
10:00 p.m. Dinner - Turkey Mock Tacos (pg 124)
11:00 p.m. Chocolate Escape - Chocolate Balsamic Truffle

(*original recipe called for Tofu, but we swapped it out for baby shrimp)

Say what you will but I'm firmly starting to believe that something as simple as a great breakfast can put your morning attitude in brighter spirits.   Not to sound like a cereal nor coffee advertisement but it's very much true.

[For me anyway]    I can't speak on TheFiances behalf but I can tell you that he's noticed his morning sluggishness has vanished since starting this plan.

Not that we're walking balls of sunshine spewing rainbows at people, heavens no.  Its just a nice change of pace from being little routine walking zombies every morning.

Our snack and dinner were delicious, but I'm thinking yesterdays gold star goes to the soup. Its hard to tell from the photo above but that is one massive bowl of heart warming soupy goodness!  Perfect for the rainy drab weather we had here in Cincinnati.

After eating it all up, I wondered how we would possibly be hungry hours later for dinner.

Of course with my body reacting the way it has all week, 3 hours later the warning of slight hunger pangs were on the horizon.   And though it's perfectly acceptable to eat your meals within 3-5 hours apart, I'd feel much better psychologically if this food kept me fuller 4 to 5 hours rather than just 3.

TheFiances hunger tends to stay at bay longer than mine and that, quite frankly, makes me feel like such a hunger beast.  Not dainty nor feminine at all :0)

(The inner workings for my neurotic little mind)... its fun stuff people.    Speaking of neurotic little mind, just before prepping dinner we realized we had used the last of the onion and veggie broth for our soup and ended up having to make a quick run to the grocery store.

Upon our return, we realized there was something wrong with our doorknob as it refused to budge when we unlocked the door.  For a split second I stopped and looked around to make sure we were actually in the right building.  I'd like to say we've never gone to the wrong building before but that would be a lie and a story for another day (in our defense it was our first day at the new apartment)...

...  after our welcome mat confirmed it was indeed our apartment, we tried all we could to get the knob to turn and had no such luck.  Maintenance was around for emergency purposes but we had neither their number nor our cell phones as we figured it was just a quick run to the store.  Sure they also live on the premises but we had no idea where as we've only needed them the first week we moved in and never bothered to ask.  (tsk tsk)

I suddenly had a flash of TheFiance and I at a hotel room that night dining on a single onion while drinking our vegetable broth for dinner.  As if that was going to be our only option....

 I'ts never a dull moment with this imagination of mine...

Lucky for us our neighbor across the hall is a female Mcguyver and had us in our apartment in less than 10 minutes.  She ended up having to take the entire knob off and shimmy a screwdriver around for a while but after all was said and done, I was chopping our little onion in the kitchen prepping our deliciousness as TheFiance called for maintenance to come first thing in the morning.

♥ Yay for happy endings! ♥
Boo for dramatic overactive imaginations.