Monday, June 11, 2012

If it looks like a potato, and bakes like a potato....

Jicama Fries
I'd love to tell you I found the perfect french fry alternative with the above photo but the truth is I have mixed feelings about the Jicama Fries and I need to do some more experimenting.  They look and smell pretty awesome.  They don't taste awful so in a way thats kind of a win isn't it?   Are they edible?  Yep.  Can I say that I "liked" them?  ...  yep.  

But I think theres room for improvement.  If you've had Jicama before you know its consistency is very similar to a water chestnut.  Its got a nice crunch to it but a little watery with a delicate sweetness.  Thats what makes it so refreshing to eat with a twist of lemon (or lime) and salt or hot sauce.  (Well thats how we grew up on it anyway)

I had recently read that jicama could  be baked a'la faux fries and I thought it was genius.  I cut them into fry shapes, Abel dried off the excess moistness of them with a towel and with a hit of oil and spices, they were tossed into the oven.  The end result was a crispy exterior which was perfect.  The inside however still had that "juicy" bite.  Not perfect.  It also seems that the baking experience brought out the sweetness just a tinge more.  The extra boost of sweetness didn't bother me much, just the "juiciness" of the bite felt a little off.  

Abel had a bite and decided they were not going to be accompanying his black bean burger.  In an attempt to boost their little ratings I pulled out some ketchup and two types of hot sauce.  Surely the hot sauce had to make it better, right?   

Not exactly.  The hot sauce made them seem even sweeter... 


The ketchup though... that seemed to make enough improvement for Abel to change his mind and add them to his dinner.  After all was said and done (and eaten) Abel changed his tune and said the "fries" were good.  I still say theres room for improvement...  I'll get it right eventually :0)   

We'll be going back towards Chicago this upcoming weekend for Fathers Day and my mothers bday.  They both happen to fall on the same day this year so how can I not be there to celebrate?   This means I will be back in the kitchen playing with baked goods again.   Wish me, my tastebuds and my waistline good luck as we may just need it! :)